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The Socialights Podcast

May 27, 2021

God sent His Son to Earth to go through what we were going to face. To live as a human. To experience emotion. 

This week I had the pleasure of talking with my friend Stephanie Hodges. We talked about how body, mind, and spirit come together to make us who we are. Stephanie is the author of "The Daniel Fast Journey" and shares how we can renew ourselves body, mind, and spirit with fasting. 


Stephanie Hodges is passionate about helping others pursue vibrant, total health for spirit, soul, and body. Almost two decades ago, she became a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She earned a Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Science and worked in a variety of fitness settings as well as full-time ministry for over seven years.

Stephanie recently published a book called the Daniel Fast Journey. This book contains a biblical overview of fasting, practical tips to prepare to fast, and features a 21 day meal plan and recipes. If you’re new to fasting, or want to dive deeper into the Daniel Fast, this book will help you refresh your spirit, renew your mind, and revitalize your body!