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The Socialights Podcast

May 8, 2021

Join Heather in this episode as she takes a deep dive and introduces herself and give you an inside look into what Upward Social and the Socialights podcast is all about. Heather did not have any mentors in her life to help her through her journey and transformation. She felt a calling from God to share her story to help other women go through their journey. Heather is making it her mission to make the personal and spiritual growth process easier and more clear. Heather has 2 teenagers and two elementary age kids. When Heather is not busy with her kids, she runs two online ministries, one called Upward Social. Upward Social is a platform where women can connect to Christ with close friendship. 

Are you going through a life transformation and needing guidance and help through your spiritual growth process? Join Upword Social on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to be a part of an uplifting and inspiring community. 

Check out the Upword Social website for more resources and education. Or if you have questions or need advice, you can email Heather and Jess at